Hai, this is your host for the evening speaking.

Today, I was feeling quite nostalgic, yes. I guess it has something to do with the fact that S whipped out a few pics of me from her gargantuan wardrobe earlier. Pics of me when I was younger, to be exact.

So, in order to relinquish my acute nostalgia, I decided to post one of my old pics here. The one up there was taken when I was just a baby, barely able to speak and cute as a button. Not that I'm not cute now, mind you.

Anyway, wasn't I just ADORABLE (even I get the urge to pinch my chubby little pixelated cheeks and go "Yes, you are, yes, you are..")? I was quite content just sitting here and staring at my fab pictures until S said I looked like a boy in one of them.

Someone needs to teach that girl some manners.

Rose Mary hath spoken / 9:38 PM
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You Know...

You know you're too far gone when you decided your Technical Drawing assignment is prettier than me standing on my hind legs.

S, go get professional help.

P to the S: This is your host for the evening speaking by the way, hai. Bai. Whatever.

Rose Mary hath spoken / 5:21 PM
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Okay, no time for pleasantries, this is an emergency.

Earlier today, I was flipping through the folder containing a myriad of my pictures when I stumbled across the one above.
Needless to say, I was shocked. Still am, actually.

For once in my life, I actually look FAT. This is disaster! This cannot be overlooked! This is worse than apocalypse!

So I took it upon myself and decided that extreme measure needs to be taken. I swear on my Jimmy Choo, I'll lose 10 pounds by the end of next week.

And someone please shut S up, she keeps calling me "Fatty" and I am not amused.

Rose Mary hath spoken / 6:33 PM
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Alive and Kicking

Hai, this is your host for the evening speaking.

First of all, I want to apologize for my recent disappearance from the virtual world. No, I'm not gone yet (you're not that lucky), but lately, S has been busy battling a series of onslaughts from her professors and does not have much time to play with me. She isolated herself in her room each time she came back from college and naturally, that means no pics will be taken for the day. Bollocks.

But today, she got a day off, and the SLR camera is making an appearance again. Above is a pic of me rolled over, aren't I darling?

Oh, and please pardon the muddy paws, I've been wrecking the front yard in order to amuse myself while S was busy working on her assignments. I plan to get a manicure later.

Rose Mary hath spoken / 12:04 PM
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Just a Clarification

Hai, this is your host for the evening speaking, typing, whatever. Today, I would like to make an announcement in regards to a question someone (here looking at you, kid) asked me a while ago and to clear some misunderstandings.

No, those are NOT tear stains, they are eyeliners.

That is all.

Rose Mary hath spoken / 7:57 PM
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Get Well Soon

Hai, this is your host for the evening speaking.

So, yesterday, it was me who got sick, and today, S decided to follow in my footsteps and got herself a tummy ache. Well, more like a stomach cramp though.

She wouldn't play with me today.

So I took it upon myself to make her feel better... or at least I tried. I couldn't actually DO anything to lessen her cramps, but she did smile when I curled up and lay between her legs though.

Get well soon, S. I miss trashing the living room with you.

And stop playing with the camera when you should be resting.

Rose Mary hath spoken / 4:47 PM
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Not Feeling So Fabulous Right Now.

Hai, this is your host for the evening speaking. Apparently, your host for the evening wasn't feeling too hot these past few days, seems like some bugs or virus or whatever-the-men-in-white-coats-call-them got me.

It's not a nice feeling.

So, today, when S got back from school, I snuck out to the front yard when the door opened. In a very stealthy way, of course, like a ninja. And there, I hunt for the most potent cure in the canine's world--wild grass.

But right then, S spotted me, ran upstair to her room, grabbed her camera, and barreled down the stairs again. All because she wanted to snap some pictures of the fabulous me eating grass.

Frankly, I don't like people taking picture of me eating.

I plan to retch in her room later.

Rose Mary hath spoken / 5:58 PM
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Humans Just Don't Learn

Hai there, this is your host for the evening spe--ack! Wait a minute, that's not me! I do not have matted fur or beads for eyes! And my nose is NOT that humongous!

Mon Dieu, how many time must I tell you not to mess with my flashdisk, S?

Rose Mary hath spoken / 1:36 PM
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Say NO to Leather.

Hai. This is, again, your host for the evening speaking (Wait--no, I do realize it's still afternoon, but "your host for the afternoon" just doesn't have the same ring to it). I know you can't really see my face, but really, that's me. The fabulous fur is the proof.

The lack of my pretty face in the picture is dissapointing, but I'm currently giving S the cold shoulder and smiling into the camera would ruin the whole effect. I didn't want to do it, but it had to be done, since lately, I've noticed her collection of items made from leather has been expanding--from purse to watch to bags, even her mobile phone case is from leather!

Don't get me wrong, I AM a fashionista and I love high quality and overpriced fashion items as much as the next dog, but I'm an anima--I mean, "unhuman living organism", particularly canine, first and a fashionista second. Seeing them kill my friends without remorse and then use their skins as fashion accessories is unforgivable, the feeling I got from witnessing this barbaric activity is indescribable. It's probably like how you would feel if you saw us wearing collars made of human skin.

So, in an attempt to show my contempt and to put a stop to this outrageous act, I started campaigning from the nearest place possible--my home.

Anyway, I gave S the silent treatment until she promised to stop buying leatherware and start using pleather instead. Then I made her rub my tummy.


Rose Mary hath spoken / 1:35 PM
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This is Your Host For the Evening Speaking.

Oh, hai there, welcome to my blog. My name is Rose Mary and I'm your host for this evening.

I know it's highly unusual for you to see us canines operate a computer, let alone blogging. But really, it's not that hard, you just kinda pick them up--y'know, left click, right click, command-control-esc if things went awry.. But it might be easier if you already have a good grasp on languages, particularly English. As for myself, I speak English, Indonesian, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. I'm currently working on Greek.

Wait, where were we? Oh, right--as I was saying before, my name is Rose Mary (they usually call me Rose) and I'm your host for this evening. Now I guess I should tell you a little about the fabulous me.

Well, I'm a German Spitz mix. My mother was a German Spitz and my father--wait, I don't remember having a father. Perhaps I hatched from an egg. Oh well.

Anyway, I'm currently living with a group of humans, who all adore me, if I may add. But there's this particular human who goes by the name S that gets to me the most. You see the hand on my pretty little head in the picture above? That's hers. I know I'm cute and adorable and all, but please restrain yourself.
Humans these days.

In closing, you can expect more pretty and lebay fantastic pictures from me in the near future. Apparently, S has just acquired a brand new Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR and is currently a little snap-happy with it. And who, but me, would make for the best model? That's a no brainer.

Rose Mary hath spoken / 7:37 PM
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