What's that?

It has been so long since S last whipped out her camera, I didn't recognize that bulky thing for a minute.

No, it's not vestibular disease. Don't be ridiculous.

Rose Mary hath spoken / 1:03 PM
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Hola, this is your host for the evening speaking. Yes, I know, it has been such a long time, and as always, you can blame S for my hiatus. According to her, her third semester at the university is no laughing matter, her work load tripled and she only got 3-4 hours of sleep each day, which resulted in the declining of her play time with me and her camera, and in turn affected the activity of my blog, because I cannot post without my pretty pictures. Doing so will be like--how do the Indonesians say it again? "Vegetables without salt"? Or maybe it was "dish without salt", doesn't matter, my pictures are more important here.

So faced with the possibility of being unable to post until S turns 30, I complained to her the other day. I demanded asked nicely for any picture of mine to post, and what did she do? She gave me her final assignment for her Photography class. Apparently, her assignment required her to paint on a black and white photo and surprise, surprise, she chose MY pretty face to ruin. BLASPHEMY! DESECRATION! IRREVERENCE!

I hope she gets an E.

Rose Mary hath spoken / 9:38 PM
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si mignon, yes?

Rose Mary, redefining "Manis Manja" since 1998.

Rose Mary hath spoken / 12:40 PM
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NOT duster.

Hai, this is your host for the evening speaking. And your host for the evening is currently in a foul mood because of one S. Just this afternoon, she almost stepped on cute lil' ol' me because she had me mistaken for a duster. DUS-TER.

Give me just ONE reason why I shouldn't defecate on her favourite wool coat.

Rose Mary hath spoken / 1:23 AM
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In ur lawn, bein cute.

Hai, this is your host for the afternoon speaking. I know I've been slacking off in updating my cute little pink blog lately, but that's totally not my fault, blame it on S for the lack of my pretty pictures. Since she started her post-exam break, she has been very.. slow and relaxed. TOO slow and TOO relaxed, actually. In fact, she now rarely gets up before eleven! How very mind-boggling.

Anyway, since today's weather is so clear and sunny (and S got up earlier than usual), your host for the afternoon decided to go out to the lawn... and be cute. No, NOT slow and relaxed, mind you.. CUTE.

Rose Mary hath spoken / 11:57 AM
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Long Time No See

Hai, this is your host for the evening speaking. Please excuse my disheveled appearance for I've just woke up from a lengthy nap. (But don't I just look très adorable? I know I do)

So, I know you noticed there's something different about my blog, don't lie now. Apparently, S has just recently regained her sanity after being bombarded by her finals--yeah, I know, who needs school? Psh. And since she's got a one-week break before she had to cram again, she decided to make me a shiny header and a pretty banner for my blog in her spare time. Isn't she just dah-ling?

Though I know the header and the banner are so outstanding only because they were made using my pictures and not because of S' mad Photoshop SKILLZ, let's cut her some slack, shall we? Let the girl has her moment.

Rose Mary hath spoken / 11:31 PM
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Oh, hai, this is your host for the evening speaking.

Actually, your host for the evening is currently trying her hardest to ignore the freaking little bird attacking her window and not to go out and slap it with gusto.

Really, I'm trying.

Rose Mary hath spoken / 6:41 PM
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